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Thomas Beadle is a current North Dakota State Representative from District 27 in Fargo and has served since 2010. He has served on the Judiciary Committee, the Industry, Business, and Labor Committee and Political Subdivisions Committee. During the current interim, he serves on the Taxation Committee and the Higher Education Funding Committee.

Politically, Thomas is a Republican who prides himself on being fact-based and data-driven. He seeks to create the best possible policy and is driven by real world implications over dogma. His major focuses during his legislative career have included higher education innovation, governmental reform, and responding to local constituent issues by pushing laws that they've requested (ranging from Autism Insurance coverage to names on marriage licenses and even to the size of license plate holders).

In his non-political time, Thomas works as a Commercial Real Estate Broker with Keller Williams Inspire Realty and is the Business Development Manager for Super Studio in Fargo. He lives in Fargo with his wife, Shana, and their dog, Eisenhower. If you don't want to discuss politics, he would love to talk with you about football or Game of Thrones or traveling.