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Beadle: 2nd Amendment

I am in full support of our second amendment rights as Americans. As a lifelong sportsman, I go hunting every year and know how important hunting and fishing is to our way of life. I do not believe the government should be coming into your house and taking away your guns.

And when bills like the Red Flag law came up, I voted against them. I have also supported constitutional carry and common sense conceal carry laws that allow our residents to have the greatest amount of reciprocity possible.

My opponent has tried to scare you and has not been intellectually honest about this issue. It’s true, I have not voted for anyone to carry any weapon anywhere they please. I have sided with law enforcement officers and not supported drunken fans having guns with them at Bison football games, and with educators who did not want the liability of having untrained teachers in possession of weapons in your child’s classroom. Instead, I sponsored legislation to fund school resource officers and supported bringing law enforcement into the schools to provide security. I think that is common sense. 

Don’t let my opponent’s lies and misrepresentations fool you. 

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