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Dalrymple endorses Beadle for Treasurer

Former North Dakota Governor and First Lady, Jack & Betsy Dalrymple, are supporting Thomas Beadle to be the next North Dakota State Treasurer! Will you join them?

"We strongly support Thomas Beadle for Treasurer. We've seen first hand that he is a true public servant who knows how to get things done for North Dakota." - Jack & Betsy Dalrymple

Governor Dalrymple served our state for many decades, first as a legislator representing the Casselton area, followed by Lt. Governor to then Governor Hoeven for 10 years, before serving as Governor from 2010-2016.

"I'm very grateful to have received the support from Jack and Betsy," said Beadle. "They have been tremendous leaders for our state, including promoting energy development, rebuilding our infrastructure and bringing major investment to our K-12 education system." Please join the Dalrymples in supporting Thomas Beadle in the June 9 Primary.

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