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Dr. Spilovoy - Beadle a leader on technology, innovation

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

I am excited to vote for Thomas Beadle for State Treasurer. He has been a leader for our state in the legislature and has been instrumental in bringing new education technologies to our state.

I met Thomas after he introduced legislation in 2013 to reduce textbook costs for college students across North Dakota. At the time, I was with the ND University System and was in charge of researching and leading the initiative. Thanks to Thomas, we were able to secure a small amount of funding in 2015 to implement Open Educational Resources system-wide. With support from students, faculty and staff across the NDUS, that small initial investment now saves ND's college and university students around $2 million EACH YEAR.

As a legislator, Thomas solved problems and made the future better for ND students. As a person, he’s down to earth, dependable, trustworthy, and a man of his word. He has the work ethic, integrity and innovation that our state needs in the Treasurer’s office. I know Thomas will do a great job for our state, and I urge you to vote for him too.

Dr. Tanya Spilovoy, Bismarck

As appeared in the Bismarck Tribune:

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