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Energy Companies Need a Treasurer they can Trust

Updated: May 27, 2020

It’s no secret that our energy sector is facing some serious headwinds. With the Coal Creek announcement, price wars with OPEC and COVID causing excess supply on the market, there are very real obstacles.

The State of North Dakota shouldn’t add to that stress. There have been recent disputes with how Royalties were collected and the Land Board has sought payback for 40 years of discrepancies. We absolutely need our companies to be treated equally and on a level playing field, but we also need to recognize that punitive actions by the state does not make for a good business climate for those companies operating here.

The Treasurer for North Dakota has a seat at the table for the Land Board. As a real estate broker, I have experience negotiating property rights agreements and leases between property owners and businesses. As Treasurer, I will put that real-world experience to use and make sure we are pursuing Win-Win policies that benefit our state, as well as the businesses that drive our economy.

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In addition, I will push for sound investment strategies and good financial stewardship of our taxpayer money to ensure that we have resources available to support our education system, infrastructure investment projects, and help grow and diversify our economy.

My ten years of experience in the state legislature, including serving on the appropriations committee that handles every state budget, gives me the background to hit the ground running. In the midst of a pandemic and headwinds facing our energy sector, we don't have time for someone who has to learn on the job.

I’m running for Treasurer to protect our taxpayer dollars, increase transparency and accountability for how your money is being spent, and to help our government operate more efficiently so it is best serving you.

Thomas Beadle

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