Johnson: I Support Thomas Beadle for State Treasurer

Governor Doug Burgum supports Thomas Beadle for State Treasurer. Former Governor Jack Dalrymple and former Senator Tom Campbell recently submitted letters in support of Thomas Beadle for State Treasurer. I wholly agree with their assessment of Tom’s capability and character. Tom Beadle will make a fine State Treasurer.

I have had the honor of knowing Tom since I joined the legislature in 2014. He has proven himself to be fair, honest, and adept.  As a conservative, Tom understands that North Dakota taxpayers want limited government and limited tax assessments. Tom, like other North Dakotans, is responsible, hard-working, and honest. 

We need someone in the Treasurer’s office like Thomas Beadle who has proven he can manage the taxpayer’s money, unlike his opponent, who has left a wake of unpaid bills. (Sued multiple times, both in Pennsylvania and in North Dakota).

I urge you to vote for Tom Beadle for State Treasurer.

Rep. Mary Johnson

Dist. 45,  Fargo

As printed in the Fargo Forum (

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