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Rosenberg - Beadle ready to lead charge of checkbook

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

We are in uncharted territory right now with coronavirus affecting our way of life. There is no denying that it has had a big impact on businesses in North Dakota and our economy at large. As a business broker, I work with companies across our state every day, and the impact is real.

We need a leader in state government to be responsive to our citizens and our businesses. We need a leader who will manage our state well, and invest our Legacy fund wisely.

The treasurer’s race is up this year, and for the first time in sixteen years we will have a new leader. I have worked with Thomas Beadle in business for years, and he has been a champion for economic development in the House. I know he is the only candidate ready to lead.

These are tough times, and we need a steady hand we can trust in charge of the state’s checkbook. Beadle has the experience with state budgets, the business background, and temperament to serve us well.

As appeared in the Bismarck Tribune:

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